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“A Prophet in the City” is an invisible monument to New York

Publish Date: 5/6/2022 8:12:41 PM

“A Prophet in the City” is an invisible monument to New York

Geotagged Audio-performance

Many New Yorkers don’t know that the most famous books by the Lebanese American poet were actually written in Manhattan, where he lived. Connect with the hidden poems of Gibran Khalil Gibran, through the geo-tagged augmented audio-performance by Lamia Gouda, that takes place throughout the next three months. Start at 51st W10th street in Manhattan, where Gibran’s last home used to be. Once there, click on the link below to explore his neighborhood through his poems, tagged to specific GPS locations on the map. “A Prophet in the City” is an invisible monument to New York’s rich history of Arab poetry of the early 20th century, and a tribute to the cultural diversity of the city, created by performance artist Lamia Gouda, and presented to you by New York Arab Festival

Audio Performance by Lamia Gouda

Dates: April 12- June 12, 2022

Commissioned by New York Arab Festival



About New York Arab Festival

The first annual New York Arab Festival (NYAF) takes place in venues across NYC and online events

throughout the month of April to honor and celebrate Arab American Heritage Month .

While the history of the earliest Arab immigration to the US predates the Declaration of Independence, the rich cultural heritage of Arabs and Arab Americans remains marginalized. NYAF fights the erasure of Arab and Arab American identity in the city of New York through the celebration of Arab art, culture, and heritage. NYAF was founded by Arab, American, and Arab American artists, creators, and policymakers in New York to address cultural erasure, urban inequality, and artistic injustice. . NYAF presents artists from diverse backgrounds, showcasing the intersectionality of the Arab identity across myriad cultural backgrounds including African, Asian, Jewish, Mediterranean, Muslim, and others.

NYAF presents live performance, fashion and beauty, pop-up exhibitions, and live concerts, along with a robust program of virtual exhibitions, NFT drops, music events, and panels exploring arts and urbanism.

The festival highlights Arab and Arab American artists and creators including visual artist Ahmed El Shaer, fashion designer Mona Hamid and her brand of gender-fluid designs Monzlapur, designer and artist Layal Srouji, composer Nadah El Shazly, choreographers Nadia Khayrallah and Esraa Warda, and musicians including Brooklyn Maqam’s Sami Abu Shumays and Zahra Al Zubaidi.

The full program of in-person and online events, partnerships, and participating artists will be announced shortly. Highlights include: Nadah El Shazly’s NFT Drop in partnership with Catalog, an online audio drama with Lamia Gouda (April 12- June 12), Laura Elkeslassy’s concert at Barbes (April 13 at 7 PM), NYAF’s Dance, Music, and Iftar Celebration with Nadia Khayrallah and Brooklyn Maqam at The Invisible Dog Arts Center (April 22 at 6 PM), and the Curating & Gatekeeping panel at NYU Department of Performance Studies (April 29 at 10 AM), and an exhibition at La Mama ETC (April 30- May 8) NYAF is developed by HaRaKa Platform, an international performance platform based in New York City, Berlin, and Cairo and operated by performance artists of immigrant backgrounds. NYAF is powered by Wizara, a blockchain-based ecosystem and Web3 creative studio. Other key partners include The Invisible Dog Art Center, La Mama Theatre, New York University’s Performance Studies Department, Catalog music platform, MyKali, Simsara, Kuchar&Co, and Ma3azef, among others.

The inaugural edition of NYAF is curated by Adham Hafez, and the RASEEF program for public arts is

curated by Adam Kucharski.

NYAF managing director: Marwa Seoudi

NYAF producer and PR director: Cindy Sibilsky

NYAF designs and visual identity: Omar Houssien



HaRaKa Platform was established in 2006 by a group of artists, theorists, and specialists based in Cairo, Berlin, and New York City. Its latest projects were presented at La Mama Theatre (US), Sharjah Architecture Triennial (UAE), Shubbak Festival (UK), Cairo

Opera House (Egypt), Hebbel Am Ufer (Germany), and Impulstanz (Vienna), among others.The platform focuses on colonial histories in relation to body-based practices, gender in performance, the Anthropocene and its cultural implications, and new planetary paradigms. Over the past fifteen years, HaRaKa Platform has collaborated with renowned artists, including Cristina Caprioli (Stockholm), Constanza Macras (Berlin), Mey Seifan (Damascus/Berlin), Yoshiko Chuma (New York), and Myriam Van

Imschoot (Brussels) among many others. HaRaKa Platform stages performances, publishes and translates texts on choreography and theater, and has curated several international festivals and exchange platforms in Egypt, the US, and Germany, specializing in contemporary Arab performance practices and diaspora communities. @haraka_platform Wizara is the first blockchain-based ecosystem built by artists for artists, focusing on Arab, African, and Asian arts. Wizara values the social life of art and works to preserve wealth within artistic communities. Created by a team of digital artists, musicians, and performers that are building technical and creative tools to advance culture across borders, Wizara creates, collaborates, curates, commissions, and consults. Since its establishment, it has commissioned and produced over 250 works in diverse genres and partnered with institutions in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Adham Hafez is a New York-based choreographer, sound artist, curator, and theorist. Recipient of multiple awards, including First Prize for Choreography by Cairo Opera House, Adham Hafez was recently described by the New Yorker as 'an intellectual magpie whose text-heavy works bristle with political ideas.’ He studied science, choreography, political science, and performance studies in

Amsterdam, Paris, and New York. Adham Hafez is the founder of HaRaKa Platform and is the principal choreographer associated with its work. @adhamhafezofficial

Adam Kucharski is an urbanist, artist, and civic policy innovator working at the nexus of public space creation and civic institution building. Adam has been a leading voice for the role of strong civic institutions and uses data to advise on the creation of inclusive and resilient cities. Adam’s artistic and policy interventions in places such as Cairo, Jerusalem, Riyadh, and Sharjah have focused on policies and programmes that take into account citizens’ rights, equity, cultural production, and environmental justice. Adam is the founder of Kuchar & Co, a uniquely hybrid artist platform that mobilizes collaboration with artists, scholars, and urbanists to inform and advise urban and social policy.


screenshots from NYAF photos

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“A Prophet in the City” is an invisible monument to New York

“A Prophet in the City” is an invisible monument to New York Geotagged Audio-performance Many New Yorkers don’t know that the most famous books by the Lebanese American poet were actually written in Manhattan, where he lived. Connect with the hidden poems of Gibran Khalil Gibran, through the geo-tagged augmented audio-performance by Lamia Gouda, that takes place throughout the ...

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